Monday, July 18, 2011

Venice, Italy


Venice definitely was a big tourist town with LOTS of people. There were tourists crowding up the main attractions like the Rialto Bridge, the Dumo and St. Mark's Square. 
We had a lot of fun walking around the other parts of the island that weren't crowded. 
It was an amazing city, and bigger than I imagined too.  
We walked around a lot and just explored

I like this picture a lot.

We didn't ride in a gondola and no regrets. 
100 Euros for an hour!

There was a lot of Murano glass everywhere. 
Tons of shops with anything you can imagine made out of glass.


Positano Pizzeria. 
By far, the BEST pizza of our trip.
Oh, it was soooo good.

San Marco, The Duomo of Venice

This is a detail of the duomo (on top above the door).
The winged lion is the symbol of Venice and is found all over the city.

This is me relaxing. We did a lot of walking.
This lil piazza was in front of a small church.
 It was a good place to rest and get away from the crowd.
There was no one around.

I don't know what church this is. We were walking and then all the sudden in between the buildings we saw this huge church. It came out of the middle of nowhere. 
It was a gorgeous building.

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